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Tips for Protecting Your Well with Insulation


INSULATION GUIDEIt is very important to protect your water well from freezing. Allowing your well to freeze will void the pump manufacturer's warranty. The main objective of freeze protection is to keep cold winter air from coming directly in contact with water filled pipes and system parts used for water filtration in Houston TX. You can achieve this many ways. Insulating the pipes or the entire system, and utilizing forced air heaters are among the most common solutions.

You must properly install the correct insulation to effectively prevent water pipes from freezing. The most common insulation is a flexible foam tube that is cut lengthwise with an adhesive strip along the cut found at most hardwater or plumbing supply stores. Make sure you buy the correct size and account for valve and fitting thickness.

Wrap all water-filled pipes with foam insulation tubing, and use duct tape as an additional barrier against moisture. Be sure to cut a hole in the foam tubing, so the Schrader valve is exposed to the atmosphere. Do not forget to insulate the 1/4-inch brass nipple below the pressure switch.


Texas State Law Guidelines for Well Location

Texas' state law requirements for well location are designed to reduce the contamination of our water supply, so it is important to locate wells far enough away from septic systems to prevent harmful bacteria from entering our drinking water. You should always comply with these laws to protect your family, as well as our water supply.

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Water Well Location Distances


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